Our History

The History of Westside Missionary Baptist Church.

In 1962 Pastor John Morris founded the Westside Missionary Baptist Church. The church was originally located at 9th & Paca.
In 1966 Pastor Morris, the Ministers, and the Deacons built the church at our current location (1941 W. St. Clair).
Pastor Morris, a Police Officer, was killed in the line of duty in August 1967. He was a visionary and a wonderful man of God.

After the death of Pastor Morris in 1967 the congregation unanimously voted that William Coleman, Sr. become Pastor.

Under the leadership of Pastor Coleman the building was expanded. Pastor Coleman had a Shepherd’s Heart. Pastor Coleman
went on to be with the Lord on October 6, 2002.

On September 12, 2002 Darrel Humphrey was voted in as Pastor. On March 21, 2010 Pastor Humphrey resigned as Pastor.

After being without a Pastor for a while and going through an unsuccessful search we were unsure of the direction that God
would lead us. A wonderful man of God was aware of our plight and asked Pastor Bryant if he would help us. Pastor Bryant
came and met with the leadership team and said he would preach and teach a few times per month to help us out for a brief
period. Meanwhile, Westside was fasting and praying. On July 2, 2012 we unanimously voted that Michael O. Bryant would
become our Pastor.

We praise God for the journey and we know that God is not through with us yet!