Mission Statement

The supreme mission of the church, and also of every individual believer, is to glorify
God and to serve Him forever. Equipping the saints unto the work of the ministry in all
its aspects along with their spiritual maturity in the Lord. Reaching the lost with the
gospel of Jesus Christ, both at home and abroad.

To fulfill the Great Commission Outlined below
(details can be found in the Church Bylaws/Constitution)

    Holy Behavior
    Showing Mercy

Vision Statement

To have a vital and thriving men and women’s ministry
To build a new facility for worship

To have a multi racial/cultural congregation
To have a vital and thriving nursery
To have a vital and thriving substance abuse ministry
To have a vital and thriving outreach ministry
To equip and send out missionaries
To give to missionaries around the world
To establish child and adult care ministries
To be a moral conduit to the community and schools
To have a congregation of over 200 members who are born again, sanctified, and Holy
To have a vital and thriving exercise ministry
To have vital and thriving computer classes
To offer college assistance/scholarships to deserving members