We Have A Second Service !!!!

We are ecstatic about our Second Service, an Hour Of Power!!!

Service starts at 8:30am, it’s only for an hour every Sunday morning.

Come out and experience this powerful hour of Blessings!

Power hour

Bible Study And Intercessory Prayer every Wednesday



Our New Church

Plans for our new Church..


Westside Missonary Baptist Church

Come worship with Westside “Where Christ is Glorified and Lives are Transformed”

Bringing the Community Together

Westside Missionary Church
Reaching the lost with the gospel of
Jesus Christ, both at home and abroad.


Praise Him!

We thank God for the souls that he has
blessed us with over the last few months.

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Pastor’s Pen – February

As we began the celebration of Black History Month, I am so excited because the footprints of our fore parents and ancestors have trodden out so many past victories for mankind and for the Kingdom of God. The Word is replete with blacks who have served, sacrificed and sold -out for the Lord. I admonish…

Pastor’s Pen – January

People of God!! we are now traveling this road called the New Year. Let us not focus on new resolutions but rather on a new relationship with out Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. He doesn’t want any more new promises FROM us. He wants a new partnership WITH us. The closer you draw to…

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